Experience & Skills

You’ll probably want to understand what differentiates TradeMux Company from other Consulting Firms. It’s simple…


  • We are willing to “place a stake in the ground” vs probability forecasting.
  • Our decision tree defines a sensitivity to financials first, technology second.
  • We want customer satisfaction and will go “over and above” to accomplish.
  • TradeMux, is led  by personnel with “real world” experience in large Corporations (i.e. political arenas, budget cutbacks, and risky decisions).
  • Most Organizations lack the Technology Blueprint or Choose to live without it. TradeMux has the unique talent for defining the roadmap or at the very least…define the road.​​
  • Future networks will require sound building blocks. TradeMux can help your company define a back-to-basics plan to solidify growth. After all, why build a new platform on less than solid ground?

Technical Solutions with an Edge

IT Consulting 

​​Architecture • Planning • Engineering • Implementation